Lunch Workshop

How to write a good article and where to submit it

This session is aimed at Master and PhD Students as well as Post-Docs in Life Sciences.

Speaker:  Daniel Erik Otzen is Editor-in-Chief of the  Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) journals. He has authored over 300 peer-reviewed articles and heads the entire BBA portfolio of journals.

Professor Otzen will provide some guidelines on how you best construct a compelling scientific narrative and how to identify appropriate journals to which to submit the manuscript. He will also discuss ethical concerns such as plagiarism and other inappropriate scientific behavior as well as how to merit, share and distribute authorships.



About the BBA journals: BBA is a set of international journals, encompassing biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, cell biology, genomics, bioinformatics, metabolomics, proteomics, systems biology, and clinical studies. BBA was established in 1947, making it the one of the oldest life science journals and the first scientific journal published by Elsevier. The BBA family currently encompasses ten members with different subtopics (the latest added in 2020) and is published by Elsevier with a total of 100 annual issues.

Friday, March 22, 12:00-13:30

Registration is required. All conference participants will receive a link for a doodle registration in due time.

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