Congress Venue and How to get to Mosbach

Alte Mälzerei - The Congress Center

The Alte Maelzerei is a medium size conference center close to the city center of Mosbach.

Alte Mälzerei
Alte Bergsteige 7
74287 Mosbach

Travelling to Mosbach from abroad

It's most convenient to fly into Frankfurt, but Stuttgart would also be possible.
Travelling from Frankfurt Airport to Mosbach by train takes about 2 hours (the same applies to Stuttgart). There is a train station right at the airport in Frankfurt.You can find the train connections on 
Please use "Frankfurt (M) Flughafen" as a start and "Mosbach (Baden)" as destination.  The website will show all connections and where to change trains. It’s most convenient to change trains in Mannheim. You can book the ticket online and print it or alternatively buy it directly at the airport train station. Of course, all information is available right at the train station at the “information desk”.
There is a long distance train called “ICE” from Frankfurt airport to Mannheim main station. In Mannheim, you have to change to a regional train called “S-Bahn” (numbers S 1 and S 2 go to Mosbach).

In case you prefer to fly into Stuttgart, you can also check the Bahn-website to find the connections. They are similar to the ones from Frankfurt, meaning to take a train to Mannheim and then change trains to Mosbach.