Dear Colleagues,

The annual spring meetings of the German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM e.V.) are traditionally held in the beautiful town of Mosbach. They provide a platform for scientists to exchange ideas and inspire young leaders in their future research endeavors. The topic of the 70th meeting concerns “High-resolution imaging of cells and molecules”.

In recent years, super-resolution light microscopy and electron cryo-microscopy have pushed the limits of our ability to view the microscopic world, broadened the application spectrum of these techniques and inspired new research directions. Today, it is not only possible to elucidate the structure of individual proteins using electron cryo-microscopy, but also to determine their exact distribution in the cell using super-resolution light microscopy. The correlative methods developed in recent years have expanded the range of application by combining light microscopy with electron microscopy.

During this meeting, the application of microscopy techniques and new potential synergies of the two previously separate fields of light and electron microscopy will be discussed by world-renowned experts who are not only dedicated to the further development of these methods but who also actively use them in their own fields of research.

By providing a platform to share and reflect on the potential applications of these techniques, we also hope to inspire future leaders in these fields. In light of this, we will provide the opportunity to promising young researchers to present their work to an international audience.

Your presence at this meeting will be greatly appreciated. We look forward to seeing you in Mosbach.

Warm regards,
Stefan Jakobs
Stefan Raunser